1. Formulation of policies, programmes and projects, monitoring and evaluation in regard to the subjects of Development Strategies and International Trade, and those subjects that come under the purview of Departments, Statutory Institutions

2. Formulation of investment promotion programmes and projects

3. Promotion of economic potential in Sri Lanka and thereby promote Foreign Direct Investment and private sector investment

4. Development of strategies for expansion of international market opportunities for local produce

5. Adoption of necessary measures for strengthening international trade relations *

6. Formulation of policies, strategies, programmes and projects for the promotion of regional economic cooperation

7. Matters relating to multi-lateral and bi-lateral economic agreements *

8. Promotion, regulation and monitoring of economic development zones

9. Encouragement of export diversification, export development and advisory services

10. Representation of Sri Lanka’s trade affairs abroad*

11. Provision of facilities for higher education to youth community

12. Supervision of the Institutions under purview


* These functions are carried out in collaboration with the Department of Commerce of the Ministry of Industry & Commerce

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