National Policy

Create a conducive investment climate to empower industrialists/ entrepreneurs to deliver globally competitive products and services to the international marketsmoving towards an export oriented economy.



The Growth Model Followed

growth model

Improve Doing Business Index

Implementation of FDI-oriented Legal / Regulatory and Institutional Reform

Promote FDI & Local/Private Investment

Encourage our small and large scale farmers and entrepreneurs to participate in the global economy

Building Strategic Alliances

Export diversification (Market and Product)

Maintaining a harmonized internationalaffairs policy

Improving the International ranking



Introduce pipeline project list for private sector investment

Get into new FTAs' with strategically important & deepening prevalent agreements

Encourage competitive international investors to invest in Sri Lanka

Establish and Operationalize One Stop Shop

Implementation of action plan to improve doing

business reforms

Strive to connect local and global investors in Sri Lanka to value added chain

Establish economic development zone -commence work on Hambantota, Raigama, Trincomalee, and Mahaoya in 2016

Investor issues meeting

Investor Forum

Put in place an Investment Act

Restructure Board of Investment, Export Development Board and Tourism Authority

Enter into trade agreements with India, China, Singapore and USA

Establish an Agency for Development to bear the responsibility of managing all economic activities during restructuring period of BOI, EDB and Tourism Authority

Bring in new laws to remove the impediments for utilization of lands by investors Impose new laws to protect local and global investors and give them freedom to engage in business


Triple the export income & FDIs by 2020



free trade agreement

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